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Create a space that is so much more than movable walls.

DIRTT is an interior construction solution for customized, productive spaces that lead in aesthetics, speed, and flexibility.  Using its interactive software, DIRTT can design and price in real-time, bringing guaranteed efficiency, clarity, and assistance to the design process from start to finish.  

DIRTT BUILT by synergy is the interior construction division of Synergy Business Environments. We strive to be a sustainable and customer-driven company that creates flexible solutions tailored to your needs.




DIRTT solutions work in many different applications including commercial, education, and healthcare environments.  Our process is personalized for each client, assisting throughout the entire design and installation. 

DIRTT has set the precedent for sustainability and technology in the construction industry.  Our innovative approach is revolutionizing the interior construction industry with faster, cleaner construction with the highest levels of customization and flexibility; while significantly lowering a building's carbon footprint.