Create a space that’s so much more than movable walls.



DIRTT - Doing It Right This Time - is a sustainable and customer-driven company creating agile interiors for architectural solutions. Self-expression and dynamic sustainability combine to produce customized, productive spaces that are award-winning in aesthetic, speed and flexibility.

DIRTT BUILT by synergy, is the interior construction division of Synergy Business Environments. We specialize in the interior build and renovation of new and existing spaces. Using our interactive 3d software, we are able to design and price in real-time, bringing guaranteed speed, clarity and assistance to the whole design process. DIRTT is not a product, but rather a process , and a solution to the problems of conventional construction in the world today. 



DIRTT environmental solutions work in any organization - from healthcare to commercial and even residential living space. WE ARE AN INNOVATION COMPANY, DRIVEN BY TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE. The DIRTT PROCESS is personalized for the client, in assisting throughout the entire design and installation. Even before design development and schematic design, our team is involved to ensure all needs and schedules are met. 

DIRTT Environmental Solutions has raised the bar for sustainability in the construction industry. From the beginning of production to the final installation, DIRTT is dedicated to reducing waste and pollution, as well as saving time and creating efficiency through future proofing and building better. 

To learn more about DIRTT, download the DIRTT lookbook.

DIRTT Installations


Our educational support, project management, and design team are heavily involved in each and every client experience. Our knowledge of the DIRTT interior solution, as well as its benefits and capabilities, are what strive us to continue to educate on the DIRTT future of building better. We truly believe in our solution and want nothing more than to educate the rest of the world on what we feel is the future of interior construction.

Our skilled and trained installation team are all DIRTT certified installers who also believe in this message of building better. We work hard to ensure the needs of our clients are not only met, but exceeded. 

ICE® Software

ICE® Software is the 3d platform through which DIRTT designs and manufactures customizable solutions for interior construction. This integral part of DIRTT's manufacturing process is unique, allowing us to have a competitive advantage in the market.

Features of ICE:

  • Design in 3D- Everything created in 2D is immediately and accurately created in 3D. The patented videogame technology of ICE allows you to fly-through your space, making changes to finishes, sizes and product choices directly in the 3D window. in turn, this creates an easy way to view your space in its entirety - what you see is what you get. 

  • Product Intelligence- All solutions and components are embedded in ICE so you can focus on the full solution rather than the specification. This removes the burden of learning a product from a catalog - in turn, simplifying and dramatically improving your design and manufacturing process. being able to specify, draw, and manufacture to the 1/32" allows for endless capability. 

  • Price Instantly- Every change made to your design instantly updates the price quote , keeping you up to speed with the cost implications of any design or product consideration. 

  • Specify Effortlessly- behind the scenes, Parts and pieces are also updated instantly, so when the design is approved and you are ready to order, so is ICE. this detailed ice file is then sent to the DIRTT factory where cnc machines are used to precisely manufacture the design drawn in this 3d software. each part and piece is given a number and barcode to easily access for future flexibility or replacement, if needed. this software helps to reduce risk of error and helps to produce accurate designs without human intervention.