PARK(ing) Day 2019

Parking day 1.jpg

‘So, what exactly is PARK(ing) Day?’ you may be thinking. Let us explain; PARK(ing) Day is an international event that is meant for citizens and organizations to turn public parking spaces in to temporary parklets. “The mission of PARK(ing) Day is to call attention to the need for more urban open space, to generate critical debate around how public space is created and allocated, and to improve the quality of urban human habitat,” according to the Civic Design Center, the host and organizer of Nashville’s annual PARK(ing) Day event.

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This was the first year that Synergy has participated in PARK(ing) Day and won’t be the last! Teaming up with STG Architectural Design Firm and DPR Construction allowed for creative collaboration, resulting in a thoroughly designed, built and furnished parklet. The idea behind our joint parklet was to create a useful space that would encourage the practice of utilizing outdoor work spaces. According to Work Design Magazine, many studies have shown the direct correlation between spending time outside leads to increased focus, improved creative thinking and problem solving, as well as increased happiness. All of these factors are directly beneficial to employee engagement and office morale. Companies all over the world, such as Microsoft, LL Bean, and Amazon, have incorporated fully functioning outdoor work spaces for employees.

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By constructing two fully rotating panels in the middle of the space, the parklet contained a more corporate work space as well as a lounge area with more relaxed furniture. The diagonal open roofing and walls allowed for free airflow and light into the space, while still providing the perfect amount of shade and privacy. When the rotating panels were open, groups on either side were easily able to talk and share ideas as if all in the same room, but when closed, both sections became more private for meeting space. At one point during the day, Shannon LoFrumento, a Designtex rep, held a meeting to showcase fabric swatches, creating a new perspective and level of engagement by changing up the normal atmosphere from conference room to city street. It was easy to see how relaxed and comfortable meeting attendees were as they soaked in the sunshine while taking in details form Shannon’s meeting.

Parking Day 7.jpg

One of the best parts of our parklet was that the entire structure was completely recycled after PARK(ing) day was over. DPR broke the structure down and will rebuild and repaint it to be used in the STG office as a lounge/meeting space and a fun tribute to all the hard work that was put into it. The furniture was taken back to the Synergy showroom to be used and displayed.

Being just one of the many amazing parklets was an incredible feeling; joining together for a great cause to raise awareness makes the growing city of Nashville feel united. A few weeks later, some of the STG and Synergy team attended the Golden Cone Awards at the Hermitage Hotel. Our parklet was awarded the “Most Creative” golden cone. A fantastic end to a wonderful event. We will see you at the next PARK(ing) day!

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