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       Sustainability is not a fixed target or set goal to reach, but an ever changing and evolving effort made by a myriad of industries and individuals in order to conserve, reduce, re-purpose, and continually improve the current methods in place.

Allsteel keeps sustainability at the forefront not only when it comes to their design and materials, but throughout the entire manufacturing process. By empowering members to seek out ways in which to improve methods and eliminate waste, Allsteel continues to create beautiful, durable furniture that clients can feel good about for many reasons. Allsteel participates in many third-party certifications in order to show their high level of commitment to the cause.


“Our commitments to lean manufacturing, responsible sourcing and distribution, reduction of material waste and emissions, and environmentally conscious product development serve as the foundation of our sustainability program and help guide our actions.”

- Allsteel


Since 2012, Allsteel has accomplished the following achievements in sustainable manufacturing:

  • Reduced electricity needs by 20% per unit of production

  • Implemented the instillation of LED lighting and occupancy sensors

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing facilities by 20%

  • Reduce water consumption by 32%

  • Maintaining of the previously installed solar panel array

  • Recycling of scrap fabric into truck acoustical material

  • Working with suppliers to utilize reusable cartons, containers, carts and pallets. Reducing the use of “one-time-packaging”

Along with these admirable accomplishments, Allsteel has teamed up with ANEW, a non-profit organization that specializes in sustainable stewardship. When Allsteel furniture is no longer needed, ANEW will assist in the liquidation process by offering a holistic approach, reaching out to local organizations in need and networks that specialize in resale and recycling.

With Allsteel, you aren’t just selecting furniture that meets your needs, but choosing a company that stays constructively discontent, ensuring that improvement never stops, for the betterment of the world.