Vision = Reality


Making Vision Reality

Newport Academy

When your client approaches you with a specific vision for their new space, you become invested in the journey to get them there.

That is exactly how we felt when our partner, Newport Academy, expressed wishes for a space that incorporated wood textures while being modern, adaptable, and fair to the wallet. We would also be asked to overcome the challenges of a tight construction schedule and need for intense collaboration between trades. Needless to say, we were ready to jump in with both feet!


In the early stages of the project, we had Newport’s team come to tour our showroom. It was then that they realized a love for DIRTT products and their capabilities.

After this meeting, we finalized our scope which included:

-Glass, solid, and combination walls to give the space a
dimensional modern look
-Imbedded TVs in conference rooms for video
conferencing and integrated technology for presentations
-Integrated power for ease of use and versatility
-Breathe living wall with feature millwork


Then coordination began! We worked with the architect for inclusion on the final drawings. The DIRTT team and furniture team collaborated to specify overhead support, door handing, power placement, and writeable surface placement.

Because of DIRTT’s short lead times and quick installation process, our crew was able to swoop in and out, keeping the project on schedule.


Ultimately, we were able to make Newport’s wish list a check list.

Light and Airy:
Incorporation of glass permits plenty of natural light that gives the space the airy feel our partner longed for.

Open Concept:
The office pods kept the open concept alive while giving a level of privacy needed for those workstations.

Wood Textures without the Price:
A 3D textured laminate that is thermally molded to MDF called thermofoil, resembles wood grain. This application displays beautifully crafted wood textures at a more friendly cost.

All products are reconfigurable as their company grows and changes.