The Synergy of Furniture + Technology

Furniture and technology are a historic pair in terms of making the work environment savvy and productive. But, how are we adapting to accommodate the ever-increasing need for accessibility and connection? The answer - furniture has become bionic.

Work Smarter_FB-LI.jpg

Technology is no longer treated as a tenant renting space inside a furniture shell. Integration has these two operating as a cohesive unit. However, the two are not so rigidly engaged that they are unadaptable.

For example, at your desk you might find height adjustability, ergonomic monitor arms, and wireless charging stations. As you move to the breakroom the vision changes to walls with imbedded flush TV screens scrolling company updates. Attending your next meeting for the day, there is a smart table with integrated technology for computer connection and live streaming. All parts engaging and tailored with the ability to promote imminent reconfiguration for future advancement.  

Not only does this type of furniture/tech engagement increase the ease of work, but also dematerializes clutter and noise. This leaves the potential for improved productivity, office morale, and ultimately employee retention.

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Just a few benefits to working smarter:

  1. It protects your investment. Your furniture can adapt to technological advances.

  2. As technology is paramount to most businesses, ease of accessibility will increase productivity and employee happiness.

  3. The ability to connect outside of a fixed location encourages collaboration.

  4. Your workplace will become more flexible and nimble.

  5. It supports emerging space types and differing work styles.

  6. Effective use can assist space maximization as competition for square footage rises.